Cihan Vehicle Insurance


The policy will cover;

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Car Accident
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Material damage providing indemnity for loss or damages to the insured vehicles, it is accessories and spare caused by accident collision or overturning burglary or theft. 


Third part Liability Insurance:

Cihan Insurance Company can offer life Insurance for driver, passengers and third party liability in the case of car accident. Cihan Insurance can protect the driver and passengers through providing insurance policy. The policy will provide financial support to the car owner in the case of any accident, Cihan Insurance Company will pay different amount ($50.000, $40.000, $30.000, $20.000, $10.000) as a legal responsibility of the driver in the case of death or full disability of any person due to the accident, Cihan Insurance will pay $40.000 to a deep injured person and $20.000 to a medium injured person.

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